CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) Exam Training Course
Training Duration: 3 days

Training Delivery Method: On-site, instructor-led course; or online, instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Senior IT management, management consultants, big 4 senior managers/partners, experienced IT control or audit or security professionals, anybody involved in organizational IT governance. There is no prerequisite to take the exam; however, in order to apply for certification you must meet the necessary experience requirements as determined by ISACA.
What Problem Does This Training Help Solve? Provides training to help candidates learn IT governance and prepare for ISACA’s CGEIT exam

Who Should Attend? IT professionals interested in earning CGEIT certification. IT auditors who would like to learn how to audit IT governance, management consultants and partners of big 4s (and big 8s) who have to provide governance-related services to senior client management, senior IT management who are responsible for understanding theory and implementation of IT governance, CIOs (value delivery), IT Risk management, CISOs, professionals responsible for governance performance measurement (BSC implementation)

Course Material: Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 350 foils and 320 axioms

Course Syllabus: The significance of IT governance can be judged from the fact that ISACA has introduced a new certification, CGEIT (effective since December, 2008), just on IT governance. IT governance is to a country’s constitution what management is to the country’s laws. Corporate governance, IT governance, and IT security governance are responsibilities of the board or the senior management.

This seminar will address key knowledge areas related to IT governance domains: IT governance framework, IT/business strategy alignment, IT value delivery, risk management, resource management and performance measurement. Various aspects of COBIT, as they relate to IT governance, will also be discussed. Topics covered will map directly to ISACA’s job practice areas (domains).
Topics to be covered:

The job practice domains and task and knowledge statements are as follows:

Domain 1: Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT (25%)
Domain 2: Strategic Management (20%)
Domain 3: Benefits Realization (16%)
Domain 4: Risk Optimization (24%)
Domain 5: Resource Optimization (15%)